Review Process for iLumina Digital Library
iLumina’s review process is a partially automated process. Resources submitted to the library are tagged initially as submitted and are not available to the public. The resource is added to a pending list that is accessed by the editor.

From this list, the editor can view the resource, the metadata, and date submitted. The editor can also forward the resource to the appropriate discipline editor for review. The forward date is displayed.
The discipline editor receives an email with a link to the review materials. They enter the review website by choosing their discipline.

This provides them with the list of resources they are responsible for reviewing.

This page includes links to the metadata for the resource, the review checklist form, and supporting materials. The review includes 22 questions in three categories: metadata, content, and technical.
Once the reviewer completes the review form, it is submitted to the editor in the form of an email. The editor checks the status of the review and determines whether the resource is accepted, accepted with revisions, or rejected.
The editor, through the edit form, makes simple revisions- if necessary. If major revisions are suggested, the editor contacts the author. Once the metadata is reviewed, the resource is tagged with the correct status. If accepted, it is available for public review. Currently, notification to the resource submitter regarding the status of the submission is completed manually.