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IMS Title: General.Structure
IMS Version: 1.2
IMS Element #:  1.8
iLumina Version: 1.3
iLumina Update: October 5, 2001
Description: Identifies the underlying organization of a resource. 
Comments: The suggested IMS vocabulary for this element were altered for use in iLumina. The rationale for these changes is as follows: Changing the Structure vocabulary to include only three items a) negates the vague difference between the suggested vocabulary, b) dismisses the need to add additional terms to the IMS vocabulary to account for chapter-type resources, c) used in conjunction with Learning Resource Type and/or Media Type during searches will produce a more refined search, and d) is easier for the user/submitter to understand.


Name: Collection
Label: Collection
Definition: A set of learning resources, related in some manner, but not necessarily containing a connective explanation.
Comments: Collections most often include an index page listing the title of each object that links directly to the object. Collections may organizes a set of related resources that range in granularity from single images to entire course segments.
Example 1: http://www.uncw.edu/people/padgett/water_mold.htm (collection of videos)
Example 2: http://aa.uncw.edu/biology/general/cell%20and%20molecular/histology/web_page/webpage_01.htm (collection of images)
Example 3: http://aa.uncw.edu/physics/x_physlets_01/physletprob/default.html (collection of lessons)
Name: Individual Learning Resource
Label: Individual Learning Resource
Definition: Any resource that does not fit the definition for collection.
Comments: Individual Learning Resources can range in granularity from single images to web pages to lessons. Use Learning Resource Type to further describe the resource.
Example1: http://aa.uncw.edu/chemistry/physical and theoretical chemistry/quantum chemistry/duality/wave_particle_duality.htm (lesson)
Example 2: http://aa.uncw.edu/chemistry/general/condensation.jpg (image)
Example 3: http://aa.uncw.edu/chemistry/computer%20applications/hardware/harddrv.tbk (simulation)

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