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IMS Title: Lifecycle.Contribute.Role
IMS Version: 1.2
IMS Element #: 2.3.1
iLumina Version: 1.1
iLumina Update: April 20, 2001
Description: Identifies the persons or organizations contributing to the production and submission of a library object.
Comments: Choose your role from the drop-down menu. If your role is submitter and author, check the box.


Name: Author
Label: Author
Definition: Person who originates or creates the resource.
Name: Publisher 
Label: Publisher
Definition: Person or company who issues the work of authors for distribution to the public.
Name: Editor
Label: Editor
Definition: Person who prepares the resource for publication or presentation by altering, adapting, or refining the resource to bring about conformity to a standard or to suit a particular purpose.
Name: Submitter
Label: Submitter
Definition: Person who completes the submission form for the resource.
Comments: The submitter has no other role in the production of the resource. If you are the author, publisher, or editor use that title over submitter.

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