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Technical Documents for iLumina:

Comparison Chart: This chart compares the IMS Metadata specification (1.2) and best practice vocabularies to the implemented specification and vocabularies of iLumina. Links are included to provide more detailed information about vocabulary use.
iLumina Vocabulary A listing of links for defined and implemented iLumina metadata vocabularies.
iLumina to MARC21 Crosswalk A detailed mapping of elements from iLumina's IMS metadata format to the MARC21 metadata format.
iLumina to Qualified Dublin Core Crosswalk A detailed mapping of elements from iLumina's IMS metadata format to the NSDL supported NSDL_DC Qualified Dublin Core metadata format.
Language: This chart shows the two-letter language code as defined by ISO639 and the country code from ISO3166.
Media Types: A chart mapping media types to associated file extensions and MIME types.
MIME Types: This chart is used to identify the technical type of a resource in iLumina. 
Taxonomies: Classification schemes used in iLumina are referred to as taxonomies. Schemes for each discipline are listed with links to the appropriate taxonomy. 
Review Flowchart: A chart depicting the review process from submission to acceptance of a library object.
Review Form (Demo) A sample of the review form used by discipline editors.
Review Process Summary: A summary of the review process, including images.

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