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IMS Title: Educational.LearningResourceType
IMS Version: 1.2
IMS Element #: 5.2
iLumina Version: 1.6
iLumina Update: June 21, 2001
Description: Identifies the form of the resource.
Comments: Select the category or categories that best describe how the resource is intended to be used in an educational setting.  To select more than one option, hold down the <CTRL> key while clicking on selections.


Name: Course
Label: Course
Definition: A set of teaching and learning materials intended to achieve a wide range of objectives over an extended period of time.
Comments: Courses may include combinations of some or all of the learning resource types.
Example: http://aa.uncw.edu/ward/chm255/
Name: Lesson
Label: Lesson
Definition: A unit of instruction intended to achieve certain limited objectives with or without the aid of an instructor.
Comments: Lessons may be an individual unit (see Example 1) or a set of related units (see Example 2). Lessons differ from presentations in that an instructor is not necessarily needed for the completion of a lesson.
Example1: http://aa.uncw.edu/chemistry/computer applications/hardware/chpt01a/chpt01a.htm
Example 2: www.ncsu.edu/labwrite
Name: Book
Label: Book
Definition: A set of textual information about a subject with auxiliary information such as images, charts, and tables.
Comments: Books include lab manuals.
Name: Presentation
Label: Presentation
Definition: A unit of instruction organized and delivered by an instructor for the purpose of informing a group about a topic.
Comments: Presentations differ from lessons in that an instructor is needed for a presentation.
Example: http://aa.uncw.edu/ward/chm255/Tbooks/c255_01.htm (requires Neuron plugin)
Name: Example
Label: Example
Definition: An instance serving to illustrate a rule, precept, property, object, or event.
Comments: Examples are static objects that do not depict or imply an action and may or may not contain an explanation. An object that depicts or implies an action is a demonstration.
Example: http://dl.uncwil.edu/chemistry/physical and theoretical chemistry/thermochemistry/dryice.jpg
Name: Demonstration
Label: Demonstration
Definition: An object that shows or explains a procedure, process, or principle.
Comments: A verbal explanation is not required, the explanation may be implied through an action. If there is no explicit or implied action, then the object is an example. Titles or descriptions of demonstrations tend to include verbs.
Example: http://aa.uncw.edu/chemistry/inorganic chemistry/by element symbol/sulfur_heating_series.jpg
Name: Simulation
Label: Simulation
Definition: An imitative representation of the function of a system, process, or principle.
Example: http://aa.uncw.edu/chemistry/computer applications/hardware/harddrv.tbk
Name: Lab
Label: Lab
Definition: A procedure to be carried out by a learner under prescribed conditions in order to discover or illustrate an unknown effect or principle, a known effect or principle, or to test or establish a hypothesis.
Example: http://aa.uncw.edu/reeves/onlinelabs/Paper Chromatography/index.htm
Name: Exercise
Label: Exercise
Definition: A task performed or practiced in order to develop, improve, or display a specific ability.
Example: http://www.math.duke.edu/education/ccp/materials/diffeq/matrix/
Name: Assessment
Label: Assessment
Definition: A tool used to evaluate or measure progress, development, ability, skill, understanding, knowledge, or achievement.
Comments: Assessment includes items such as exams, quizzes, rubrics, and practicals.
Example: http://cf.uncwil.edu/quizmaker/StudentLogin.cfm?Quizid=1985
Name: Project
Label: Project
Definition: An activity to extend or apply concepts taught in a course that usually culminates in a product.
Comments: Projects differ from exercises in that projects are larger in scope and require more time to complete. Projects differ from labs in that projects do not have prescribed conditions and well defined procedures.
Example: http://www.math.duke.edu/education/ccp/materials/calculus_projects/Ozone1Proj/index.html
Name: Dataset
Label: Dataset
Definition: A collection of data elements in the form of a list, table, or database intended for use with another learning resource.
Comments: A dataset may be highly structured, like the periodic table or a spectrum, or loosely structured, like a random set of numbers.
Name: Syllabus
Label: Syllabus
Definition: A plan showing the structure of a particular course, including course description and objectives, grading policy, materials, assignments, lesson sequence, and course calendar.
Example: http://aa.uncw.edu/dl/documents/minutes/syllabus_example.htm
Name: Lesson Plan
Label: Lesson Plan
Definition: An outline of the procedure for a learning activity that includes learning objectives, student actions, instructor actions, assessments, time frame, and materials.
Name: Teacher Tool
Label: Teacher Tool
Definition: A resource intended to be used by a teacher to assist with the creation of other learning resources, guiding instruction, or managing instruction.
Comments: Teacher tools include such things as authoring tools, attendance taking programs, grade book programs, student response systems, and homework grading programs.
Name: Learner Tool
Label: Learner Tool
Definition: A resource intended to be used by a learner to assist with the completion of a learning activity.
Comments: Learner tools include items such as software-based calculators, statistics programs, spreadsheets, chemical drawing programs, and periodic tables.
Name: Manager Tool
Label: Manager Tool
Definition: A resource intended to be used by a manager to assist with executive, administrative, and supervisory direction of others and materials.

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