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Resource Details for Record #1581

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1. Information About Submitter
Your Role: Author
Name: Dr Henry Jakubowski
E-mail Address: HJakubowski@csbsju.edu
Mailing Address: 37 S College Avenue
City, State, Zip: St. Joseph,  MN  56374

2. Other Roles

3. Resource You are Submitting
Title of Resource:   Biochemistry Online: An Approach Based on Chemical Logic

URL of Resource:   http://employees.csbsju.edu/hjakubowski/classes/ch331/bcintro/default.html

Description of Resource:
This is an interactive web-based biochemistry text that I created for my upper division biochemistry class over the past five years. The book - Biochemistry Online: An Approach Basedon Chemical Logic - is based on a unique sequencing and approach to a one semester, or the first of a two semester, biochemistry course. I have published a manuscript describing this new approach. (Jakubowski, H. and Owen, W.G. The Teaching of Biochemistry: An Innovative Course Sequence Based on the Logic of Chemistry, Journal of Chemical Education, 75, 734-736, 1998).

Taxonomy Path:
Taxonomy 1:    Chemistry/Biochemistry/


4. Technical Information and Requirements for this Resource
Resource Format 1:
Mediatype: Chemical Structure
Datatype: .pdb(chemical/x-pdb)
Resource Format 2:
Mediatype: Spreadsheet
Datatype: .xls(application/excel)
Resource Format 3:
Mediatype: Web Page
Datatype: .htm(text/html)

5. General Information About the Resource You are Submitting
Difficulty:    Medium    Interactivity Level of this Resource:    High   
Language of Resource:   English    Intended Role of Primary End User:   Learner
Intended Use of Learning Resource:
    Book, Course, Simulation, Teacher Tool, Learner Tool
Is there a cost for using this resource?   No Are there copyright restrictions?   Yes
Copyright free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, contact the author. Figures from Nature, Science, and PNAS (used with permission) can not be used without the user contacting those journals.

6. Resource Relationships

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