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Resource Details for Record #77

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1. Information About Submitter
Your Role: Author
Name: Dr. Charles Ward
E-mail Address: ward@uncw.edu
Mailing Address: 601 S. College Rd
City, State, Zip: Wilmington,  NC  28403

2. Other Roles

3. Resource You are Submitting
Title of Resource:   Learning Module on Computer Hardware II

URL of Resource:   http://dl.uncw.edu/digilib/chemistry/computer%20applications/hardware/chpt01b/chpt01b.htm

Description of Resource:
This lesson presents an introduction to basic microcomputer hardware and covers the topics of general I/O, keyboard, video display, printers, and memory.

Taxonomy Path:
Taxonomy 1:    Chemistry/Computer Applications/Hardware
Taxonomy 2:    Computer Science/Architecture and Organization/Functional Organization

computer sciencecomputersinputoutput

4. Technical Information and Requirements for this Resource
Resource Format 1:
Mediatype: Audio
Datatype: .ram(audio/x-pn-realaudio)
Resource Format 2:
Mediatype: Image
Datatype: .gif(image/gif)
Resource Format 3:
Mediatype: Web Page
Datatype: .htm(text/html)

5. General Information About the Resource You are Submitting
Difficulty:    Medium    Interactivity Level of this Resource:    Low   
Language of Resource:   English    Intended Role of Primary End User:   Learner
Intended Use of Learning Resource:
Is there a cost for using this resource?   No Are there copyright restrictions?   Yes
Copyright free for non-commercial use. For commercial use, contact the author.

6. Resource Relationships

This resource is:
Based On:    http://dl.uncw.edu/digilib/chemistry/computer%20applications/hardware/pixel-20x.gif
Based On:    http://dl.uncw.edu/digilib/chemistry/computer%20applications/hardware/monitor-board.gif
Based On:    http://dl.uncw.edu/digilib/chemistry/computer%20applications/hardware/mouse.gif
Based On:    http://dl.uncw.edu/digilib/chemistry/computer%20applications/hardware/dimm.gif
Based On:    http://dl.uncw.edu/digilib/chemistry/computer%20applications/hardware/keyboard.gif

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