CSC 105 Introduction to Computing and Computer Applications

Course Syllabus Fall 2004


Section 005 MWF 11:00 11:50 BR 160
Section 006 MWF 12:00 1:50 BR 160



Instructor: Ralph L. Bradley II    Office: BR 281     Phone: 962-4260


Home Page: http:/          E-Mail:


Office Hours:  MWF 9:00 11:00; TR 1:00 2:00


Special Needs:

If you have a disability and need reasonable accommodation in this course, you should inform the instructor of this fact in writing within the first week of class or as soon as possible.  If you have not already done so, you must register with the Office of Disability Services in Westside Hall (ext. 3746) and obtain a copy of your Accommodation Letter.  You should then meet with your instructor to make mutually agreeable arrangements based on the recommendations of the Accommodation Letter.


Honor Code:

It is the responsibility of every student to uphold and maintain the UNCW Academic Honor Code (see Section V of your Student Handbook). 


Text and Supplies:



Tentative Schedule


Tests (250 Points):

  1. Three Tests (Incremental) 75 points each
  2. Final Exam (Comprehensive) 100 points
  3. No make-ups.  Best two of the three tests will be counted.


Labs (100 Points):  Errors in Lab Book

1.         Word Processing Lab


2.         Web Page (HTML)


a.       Basic HTML Tutorial


3.         Excel Lab


4.         Access Lab


5.         PowerPoint Project



Homework and Misc (50 Points):

            As Assigned in class



Course Grade -   A 10-point scale will be used to compute your course grade. 






Student Work Files:


         Word Processing Work Files


         EXCEL Work Files


         ACCESS Work Files


         PowerPoint Work Files



Power Point Slides