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An introduction to the artistic and technical field of computer animation, including related theory, production, and business. Advanced 3-D modeling, texturing, rendering, and character-building skills are developed in conjunction with traditional story, animation, lighting, and camera methods. Student projects build up to scripted character animations.

Prerequisites: Computer competence (CSC 105 or equivalent) and Basic 3-D Graphics Skills (CSC 220 or equivalent).

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Current announcements:

New Homework 4 Description: Due March 30.

Project 3 Description.

The schedule link above has been revised. Please note due dates for "Jack", due this Thursday, Feb. 26th and also for Project 2, preproduction for Final Project, and upcoming Quizzes.


Project 2 Description.

Project 1 Description.

Lookover the schedule and begin reading in both required texts. The first homework assignment is to read through Chapter 2 in Maya Savvy and complete all of the rocket animation. You should get information from your group members and plan to meet to brainstorm for story ideas for Project 1. It's also not too early to begin thinking of story ideas for your final project.


ART/CSC/FST 320 currently meets in BR 165. Alias|Wavefront Maya 5.0 is available in both BR 165, 202, and 201-D. In addition, the Adobe Digital Video Suite (including Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects) is installed on several machines in BR 202. There are also two machines with firewire interfaces and additional hard-drive storage for projects. Digital video and still cameras are available for checkout from Ms. Thornton in the Computer Science Office on the first floor of Bear Hall. Film Studies may also have some equipment (digital still cameras) available on a limited basis.

BR 165 is open Sun-Thurs. 6:30-10:00 p.m. this semester.