Chapter 10: Modern Physics Problems

The special theory of relativity was first proposed by Albert Einstein in a paper entitled "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies."  In it he argues that the previously discovered Lorentz transformation is not just a  theoretical curiosity but that it actually couples space and time together in ways that are incompatible with classical theories of physics.  The Sync Physlet show above demonstrates one of the consequences of Einstein's theory.  It shows how the electric field from a point charge distorts when the point charge undergoes various types of motion close to the speed of light.

Chapter Problems:

10.1.1: Time dilation between two events occurring at the same point. 10.1.2: Simultaneity of events  in different reference frames. 10.1.3:  Space-time graph and the twin paradox.
10.2.1: The properties of radial wavefunctions 10.2.2: The properties of angular wavefunctions 10.3.1: Energy eigenvalues and wavefunctions of an infinite square well.  The shooting method.
10.3.2: Energy eigenvalues and wavefunctions of a finite square well.  The shooting method.