Chapter 4:  A Tour of Physlets

This tour gives a sampling of how Physlets can be used.   Running the tour is a good check to insure that the Physlet problems on the CD run on your computer before you start scripting.  You may also want to try running these example using different browsers since some browsers may have a speed advantage on a particular platform.

If you have Internet access, you may want to check to see if the Physlets tour loads from the Davidson College WebPhysics server.


3.4.Tour 1: Ferris wheel 3.4.Tour 2: Tethered puck 3.4.Tour 3: Fluid siphon.
3.4.Tour 4: SHM & rotation 3.4.Tour 5: Internal energy 3.4.Tour 6: Superposition
3.4.Tour 7: Coulomb interaction 3.4.Tour 8: Potentials and fields 3.4.Tour 9: Ampere's Law
3.4.Tour 10: Capacitor and dielectric 3.4.Tour 11: Reflection 3.4.Tour 12: Two carts