Physlet Conditions of Use
Physlet Problem Copyright

Physlets, i.e., the Java applets themselves, are copyrighted by Wolfgang Christian. A trademark for the word "Physlets" has been applied for.

Physlet Problems, i.e., the text and associated script, are copyrighted by Prentice Hall, the problem author, or are in the public domain.  Please see the credits at the bottom of each HTML page.


Copyright of Text and Physlet Problems

Unless otherwise noted at the bottom of an html page, Physlet Problems contained on this CD, that is, the text and associated script, are copyrighted by Prentice Hall.

Instructors may post Prentice Hall copyrighted Physlet problems from the Physlet CD for non-commercial use on their own class-related websites provided those problems copyrighted by Prentice Hall are clearly marked as such and the following copyright notice is given on each page containing Prentice Hall problems:

"Problems x, xx, xxx Copyright Prentice Hall. All rights reserved."

Instructors may not otherwise distribute, or publish them without express written permission from the Publisher.

Prentice Hall Companion Websites contain additional Physlet(r) Problems that are copyrighted by Prentice Hall. These sites include: Principles with Applications (5 th ed.) and Physics for Scientists and Engineers, both by Douglas Giancoli and College Physics by Jerry Wilson and Anthony Buffa. These problems are not included in the permission to post granted above.

Commercial use of any Physlet Problems from this CD, or edited versions thereof, in printed or electronic form requires the written permission of the copyright holder.

Instructors wishing to author and post their own Physlet problems should consult the conditions of use below.


Copyright of Applets and Conditions of Use for Applets

Provided that the conditions below are met, Physlets, that is, the applets themselves, may be used to author new problems and these problems may be distributed along with the Physlet jar files for non-profit, educational purposes without requesting permission under the following conditions: 

  1. That the text and script of Physlets Problems, that is, problems that make use of Physlets to provide animation, visualization, or other types of educational content, be made available to others by placing them in the public domain.

  2. That Davidson College should be credited as the source of the Physlet on at least one HTML page of the instructional unit where these applets are being used. (An instructional unit would be a course or a collection of problems with a unifying theme.)   The following logo or simply the name "Davidson College" with a link to the Davidson College Physlet Archive serves this purpose.

  3. Credit does NOT have to be given on every problem or HTML page that contains a Physlet problem.  We encourage authors to make the integration of Physlets into their curriculum material as seamless as possible.

  4. Publications which result from using Physlets will reference the Physlet site

Please share your work.  Authors who have written Physlet problems are encouraged to send us short email with a link to their problems.