North Carolina School of Science and Math

These problems are being used in the first- and second-year physics classes at NCSSM. Each problem includes an introduction and recommendation regarding mathematical level. All of the problems except Superposition of Waves are accompanied by a set of exercises of increasing difficulty. The problems allow the student much freedom in changing input parameters. This lets the student tackle the problems through 1) free exploration of the physical system or 2) prediction and verification based on the known equations governing the system. 

The problems were developed at NCSSM by Loren Winters in collaboration with former NCSSM students Taylor Brockman and Jeremy Portzer. The problems are freely distributable for noncommercial use. The problem scripting is NCSSM.

Projectiles Introduction
Projectiles (all problems)
Demonstration, v. 1
Demonstration, v. 2
Rotating reference frames Introduction
Motion on a curve Introduction
Standing Waves Introduction
Exercise 1
Exercise 2