Projectile Problem

influence of g-field

Launch speed m/s
Launch angle
Gravitational field N/kg
Gun altitude m
Initial target position m
Initial target velocity m/s
Target acceleration m/s
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  1. Wait until Java finishes loading before clicking on anything. If you can't see buttons above, switch your browser to fullscreen view.
  2. Initialize demonstration problem by clicking on the button above.
  3. Click "Shoot New Bullet."  After hitting the target, click "Pause" to stop the bullet.
  4. For this demonstration, the launch speed has been selected so that the projectile will hit the target.  Type a new value of gravitational field, say, 4.9 N/kg, in the associated field above.  (You don't have to press Enter.)  Then "Shoot New Bullet" to see how that affects the result.
  5. Now try changing the gun altitude.  How does that affect the result? 
  6. What do you conclude from these exercises?  Can you explain the results based on the physics you know?