Additional Resources


Additional Physlet Problems

This page contains links to collections of problems that are not included in the book.  These problems have been contributed by various authors and illustrate various pedagogic approaches and scripting styles.  Use them as guides in designing your own problems.


The Web Physics Project

WebPhysics Servers

For more information how to join the WebPhysics project, contact
Wolfgang Christian or Gregor Novak.
Davidson College Maintained by Wolfgang Christian.
IUPUI Maintained by Gregor Novak.
Moorhead State University Maintained by Roger Sipson.
NHTC Maintained by Doyle Davis.
Rose-Hulman Maintained by Mike Moloney.
US Air Force Academy Maintained by Evelyn Patterson
Lincoln University Maintained by Mazharul Huq.
University of Indianapolis Maintained by by Steve Spicklemire.
Randolph Macon Maintained by Peter Sheldon
Mississippi State University Maintained by by Taha Mzoughi.
University of New Orleans Maintained by by Ron Greene

What is WebPhysics?

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